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Cajun Chicken Thighs (Air Fryer)

Cajun chicken thighs is an easy main dish that uses 4 main ingredients. After tossing the meat in homemade cajun seasoning and basting it with cajun garlic butter, the results are irresistibly juicy. This recipe is perfect if you’re busy, but still need something delicious for your whole family. Learn how to cook delectable cajun …

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Buffalo Chicken Breast (Air Fryer)

This Buffalo chicken breast (air fryer recipe) is an easy and quick way to make juicy and delicious chicken for dinner. It requires less than 10 simple ingredients and comes together in under 30 minutes. Learn how to make mouthwatering buffalo chicken breast in the air fryer with homemade buffalo sauce and minimal effort using …

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Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Patties

These air fryer frozen chicken patties are the perfect hassle-free and delicious meal starter for the entire family. By using an air fryer, you’ll get crispy breaded chicken patties (from frozen) in less than 20 minutes with simple ingredients. Use these to make a crispy chicken sandwich, chicken burgers, or a salad.

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Buffalo Chicken Thighs (Air Fryer)

These crispy Buffalo Chicken Thighs are tender and full of buffalo flavor in a cooking time of less than 30 minutes. Make these as a budget-friendly alternative to chicken wings for your next meal or game day. Plus, get tips and variations to make these air fryer buffalo thighs in the oven, crockpot and Instant Pot.

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