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35 Best Side Dishes for Fried Chicken

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These side dishes for fried chicken will allow you to make the ultimate comfort food meal. You’ll find a range of southern classics along with new favorites to serve with your crispy chicken main dish.

photo collage of sides for fried chicken: peach cobbler egg rolls, candied yams, southern collard greens, and southern potato salad

In this post, you’ll find original and tweaked versions of your favorite classic sides for crispy fried chicken and other interesting options to spice up your menu. Sample some fantastic hot, cold, and vegetable sides and desserts, and find out what to serve with fried chicken for memorable meal times.

Why Share?

I’m sharing a collection of hot and cold sides and desserts to help you make the best fried chicken dinner. They include a mix of southern classics, healthier options, and fast-food copycats.

They’re great options to enjoy with my air fryer fried chicken legs and air fryer whole chicken wings.

More Side Dishes for Chicken Collections

Are you ready to bring the magic to your kitchen? Below are the best sides for fried chicken – simple and scrumptious!

Best Side Dishes for Fried Chicken

Looking for the perfect accompaniments to your fried chicken dish? Our guide to the best side dishes has got you covered! Discover mouthwatering options that are sure to complement your crispy chicken, from traditional favorites to unique and creative ideas. Get ready to take your fried chicken meal to the next level!

Southern Classic Hot Side Dishes

These classic side dishes are the ultimate comfort food. They are the perfect way to make a southern meal to go with your juicy fried chicken.

Other Vegetable Sides Dishes

Browse a wide range of vegetable side dishes for fried chicken, from cauliflower mac & cheese to fried pickles. These are easy to make using a handful of ingredients. 

French Fries & Potatoes

In various forms and shapes, potatoes always find their way to dinner tables on regular and special days. These potato side options are worth a shot.

Salads & Cold Sides

Salads always make great accompaniments for most protein main dishes. Below are salad and cold side options to complete your fried chicken dinners.

Breads & Biscuits

Feel free to serve bread or biscuits alongside your fried chicken to make a soul-refreshing meal. These bread and biscuit recipes are easy and exciting.


Nothing crowns a weeknight dinner better than a soul-refreshing dessert. Find what makes your tastebuds tick, from sweet potato pie to buttermilk pound cake.


What do Americans eat with fried chicken?

Depending on the meal, sides for fried chicken include coleslaw and French fries (popular at fast-food restaurants) or dishes like macaroni and cheese and collard greens.