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What To Serve With Butter Chicken: Best Side Dishes

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Figure out what to serve with butter chicken, a popular Indian main dish, using this collection of the best sides for butter chicken. These recipes are perfect for the Indian food lover who wants to try to make some authentic side dishes at home.

a collage of what to serve with butter chicken like Indian spiced potatoes, garlic bread naan, onion bhaji, and samosas.

Why Share?

I love Indian cuisine. The crispy crunch of fried onion bhaji, the sweet tang of tamarind chutney, and the fresh flavor created by so many spices are amazing.

As a home cook, I wanted to try making Indian food at home. So, this collection includes popular Indian restaurant favorites that make a great side dish generally, but also for butter chicken.

What Is Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken (also called Murgh Makhani and Chicken Makhani) is a classic Indian dish made with a rich butter and tomato sauce. As a tomato-based chicken curry, it’s similar to chicken tikka masala, but it is not spicy.

Common main ingredients in an Indian butter chicken recipe include chicken thighs (or chicken breasts), tomato paste, ginger garlic paste, spices like garam masala, yogurt, and heavy cream.

At a minimum, it’s served with garlic bread naan and rice. I’m including those as well as some other options in this collection of the best side dishes for butter chicken.

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What To Serve With Butter Chicken

Figure out what to serve with butter chicken using this collection of the best sides for butter chicken. Includes a collection of vegetable, bread, sauce, and rice dishes to make your very own Indian feast.


What are some traditional sides to serve with Butter Chicken?

Naan bread and rice are both popular side dishes that pair well with Butter Chicken. Naan bread is great for soaking up the rich sauce, while rice helps to balance out the flavors.

Can I serve vegetables with Butter Chicken?

Absolutely! A side of roasted or grilled vegetables, like eggplant, bell peppers, or zucchini, can help add some freshness to the meal and provide a healthy crunch.

What drink pairs well with Butter Chicken?

A glass of chilled white wine, like a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, can be a great complement to the flavors of Butter Chicken. Alternatively, a refreshing mango lassi can help cool down any heat you add to the dish.

Are there any other types of bread I can serve with Butter Chicken besides naan?

Yes! Roti and paratha are two other types of Indian bread that pair well with Butter Chicken. I’ve included a few recipes in this collection.

Can I serve a salad with Butter Chicken?

Yes! A light salad with fresh greens, like spinach or arugula, can help balance out the richness of the dish. You’ll also find options like cucumber salad included in the list.