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39 Best Sides For Jerk Chicken

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Looking for the best sides for jerk chicken? This recipe collection includes hot and cold options ranging from Jamaican to Southern and African. You’ll find traditional side dishes like Jamaican rice and golden brown plantains, but also lighter options like salads. Use this list to find what to serve with jerk chicken to make a delicious meal. 

a photo collage of Jamaican gungo peas and rice, candied yams, baked macaroni and cheese, and Jamaican cabbage

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Jerk chicken is a classic Jamaican dish that is the perfect combo of spicy, smoky, and savory flavors.

It gets its distinctive taste from Jamaican jerk sauce (jerk marinade), which is a mixture of onions, scotch bonnet peppers (or habanero pepper), garlic, lime juice, vinegar, fresh thyme, and other herbs. 

Even though spicy jerk chicken is a popular Jamaican dish, many cultures have adopted it. So, it’s common to see this main course served with everything from baked macaroni and cheese and collard greens to Spanish rice.

This collection brings the best sides for jerk chicken to one place.

More Chicken Side Dish Recipes:

After using these sides to make a Jamaican jerk chicken meal, change up your menu with these recipe collections:

What to Serve with Jerk Chicken:

Use the recipes below to get ideas of what goes with jerk chicken to make a meal.

Best Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

Find the best side dishes for jerk chicken using these jerk chicken sides recipes. Includes traditional Jamaican side dishes, Southern classics, and lighter options. Perfect for those who want to now what to serve with jerk chicken to make the best meal.

Vegetable Side Dishes for Jerk Chicken

Wondering what vegetables go with jerk chicken? Here are some healthy and tasty vegetables that make a great side dish for next jerk chicken meal:

Toppings and Sauces For Jerk Chicken

These topping and dipping sauce option highlight the spicy flavor of jerk chicken and/or balance it out. So, if you’re not sure what to serve with jerk chicken, below are some ideas:

Rice Dishes for Jerk Chicken

What rice dishes go with jerk chicken? Rice is one of the best sides for jerk chicken, especially when you have gravy or extra sauce. Here are some simply recipes with plenty of flavor to add to your jerk chicken dinner:

Southern Sides For Jerk Chicken

If you’re from the South, having these classic sides alongside your jerk chicken makes you feel more at home. Have fun with the smoked mac and cheese and other traditional dishes.

Potato Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

Potatoes are versatile, so you can eat them in various shapes and forms. From mashed potatoes to Southern potato salad, browse various potato sides to have with jerk chicken:

Low Carb Sides For Jerk Chicken

Are you on a low-carb diet and wondering what to serve with jerk chicken without overdoing the carbs? Below is a list of low-carb, tasty sides you can try:

Jamaican Side Dishes For Jerk Chicken

If you want to go all the way with Jamaican cuisine, these Jamaican sides will make the perfect pairing. Here are some classic side ideas like Jamaican lemonade and rice that will blow your taste buds away!


What vegetables go with jerk chicken?

This collection includes several options like air fried broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, plantain, corn, cauliflower, green beans, and more.

Is jerk chicken a healthy meal?

This depends on how the jerk chicken is prepared as well as the side dishes that you pair with your jerk chicken. As mentioned above, traditional jerk chicken includes spices, garlic, and vinegar. The meat is also typically grilled or baked. You can ensure that it stays a healthier option by pairing it with roasted or sautéed vegetables included above and serving it over options like brown rice or cauliflower rice.