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31 Best Sides for Chicken Alfredo

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What are the best sides for chicken Alfredo? If that question led you here, you’re in the right place. Also, if you’re generally looking for what to serve with chicken alfredo, I’ve got you covered. This post compiles easy and mouth-watering side dishes for chicken alfredo, from breads to veggies and pasta. You’ll also find appetizers and desserts to start and end your meals.

a photo collage of what to serve with chicken alfredo like garlic knots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and Italian drop cookies

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Chicken Alfredo is a classic Italian dish made with boneless chicken breast, creamy alfredo sauce (made with heavy cream, butter, garlic cloves, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, and spices like Italian seasoning and black pepper) and pasta. 

Lighter options like my keto chicken alfredo casserole includes green vegetables like broccoli. 

This creamy pasta dish seems like it should be a complete meal, but, it’s not meant to be.

So, this collection provides tips to make chicken fettuccine alfredo a meal. 

Here, you’ll find appetizers, breads, vegetable side dishes, pasta options besides fettuccine noodles, and desserts.

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Best Sides For Chicken Alfredo

Get the best sides for chicken alfredo with this recipe collection. From breads to vegetable side dishes, and pasta besides fettuccine noodles, these recipes will give you tips on what to serve with chicken alfredo to make a complete meal.


My favorite way to enjoy this classic dish is with bread. It's actually the most popular side dish for a pasta meal (and for good reason). Not only does crusty bread provide a crunchy texture, but it's also the perfect scoop for the cheesy sauce. Find out what goes with chicken alfredo from roasted garlic bread to spinach torta rustica using these easy bread recipes.

Vegetable Side Dishes

If you want to know what vegetables go with chicken alfredo, the list below is a great place to sample healthy veggie sides for chicken alfredo pasta. These delicious side dishes are the best way to turn this main dish into a meal with lighter options.

Fresh Salads

Wondering what to serve with chicken alfredo? These salads are worth your time and effort. They are easy to make, delicious, and light enough to be served as meal starters.

Pasta Sides

In your search for good sides for chicken alfredo, don’t miss out on these pasta options. Below are recipe tutorials for homemade pasta that goes with chicken alfredo. These are a good idea if you're looking for unique or homemade options besides boxed pasta from the grocery store.

Dessert For Chicken Alfredo

From espresso ice cream to lemon drop cookies, sample a handful of delightful desserts to conclude your well-deserving chicken alfredo meal.


What can I eat with pasta besides salad?

There are endless options of side dishes to enjoy with pasta. Some of the options in this collection include vegetable side dishes like grilled, air fried, or roasted vegetables, bread, and dips.

Is chicken Alfredo good for you to eat?

This depends on your overall goals. The sauce includes things like butter, cream, and cheese. So, one way to enjoy it with fewer calories and carbs is to make it a bake with vegetables instead of pasta. You can also use things like my spaghetti squash using this spaghetti squash with chicken alfredo recipe. One recipe is this keto chicken alfredo.

Can you eat chicken Alfredo and still lose weight?

As mentioned above, this depends on your overall goals and eating plan. For example, someone on a keto diet, might omit the pasta. Another person might make it fit into their eating plan by finding healthier alternatives to the butter and cream.

Is Alfredo or tomato sauce healthier?

Alfredo sauce is made with heavy cream, cheeses like cream cheese and parmesan cheese, and butter. So, tomato sauce has fewer calories and fat than Alfredo sauce. With that, many find that tomato sauce is generally healthier than Alfredo sauce.