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Best Cajun Chicken Sides

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Need easy cajun chicken sides to match the amazing cajun flavors? Or, do you need delectable Southern side dishes for your Cajun chicken recipes? This post is a collection of traditional dishes that pair well with cajun chicken for satisfying family meals. 

cajun chicken sides collage with candied yams, green beans with bacon, creamed spinach, and cajun garlic butter sauce.

Why Share Cajun Side Dishes

Cajun Chicken is one of my favorite main dishes. In fact, across the site, you’ll find cajun chicken thighs, creamy cajun chicken pasta (with chorizo or andouille sausage), baked cajun chicken thighs, chicken and chorizo orzo, cajun chicken sandwich, and a spicy cajun chicken wrap

The combination of my homemade cajun seasoning (that includes things like cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder) and tender chicken pairs with so many side dishes, making it a perfect main dish. 

But, you might be wondering about the best side dishes to turn your cajun chicken into a complete meal for a busy weeknight or meal prep.

In this post, I’m sharing easy and traditional Southern side dishes and options for those wanting something to serve with your favorite cajun chicken recipe. 

Cajun Chicken Sides Recipes:

Best Cajun Chicken Sides

I’ve provided easy options for breads & biscuits, sauces, rice, vegetables, and other sides for cajun chicken. Also, if you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, there’s something for you too. You’ll find low-carb variations for some popular dishes, from keto cornbread to cauliflower rice pilaf. 

Breads & Biscuits

Breads and biscuits are popular sides for various chicken dishes. But have you tried cajun chicken with honey butter biscuits or jiffy cornbread with creamed corn? These are great options to serve up with a pasta dish. 

What Sauce To Serve With Cajun Chicken?

Nothing refreshes the soul like a generous bite of cajun chicken dipped in or topped with an amazing sauce. Below are sauce options you can try. 

Low-Carb Cajun Chicken Sides

Are you on a keto or low-carb diet, or do you want to add some low-carb but enjoyable sides for cajun chicken to your menu? Below are some delicious options:

Southern Cajun Chicken Side Dishes

If you need Southern sides to serve with cajun chicken, you have a lot of choices. From black-eyed peas to fried okra, sample easy and delicious classic cajun chicken sides.

Vegetable Cajun Chicken Sides

Are you looking for easy and delicious sides for cajun chicken? The vegetable dishes below are easy to make with a handful of pantry ingredients.